Hammerite A Horsebox

Still picking and scraping the blotches of Hammerite off my body but finally the horse trailer is finished, in the busiest week of the year so far, somehow I have managed to just about to single-handedly fit in the entire paint and refit of a horse trailer which was very much in need of TLC as Andy’s face showed when he hauled it onto the driveway after picking it up from Tiverton…holes in the wood and rotting chippings in the back turning white with mould, it looked a sorry sight indeed, however after rubbing down and balancing on a stepladder in positions that would delight the most hardened circus audience it is finished (all apart from the roof which still needs to be painted on the top but we can’t see it and therefore for now it does not exist) Starting with the hottest days we have seen in years (meaning the paint dried before you could slap it onto the designated area) and then on day three (coat 4 of hammerite) sun replaced by our more typical summer Cornish gales meant every dip into the paint tin resulted in half of the stuff being blown in ribbons up the driveway and decorating everything from the wooden gate, to the van and next doors children. My usual method of painting meant blobbing slate grey from the new woodwork onto the white metal work then re touching the white metal work only to blob white onto the grey woodwork and repeating over and over again until I run out of one or other type of paint ensued.

Still, new wheel arch lights, a newly painted inside, woodwork holes covered , a vinyl horse head decal, a rather smart bright green horseshoe which I painted with enamel paint, foam wall padding, rubber stable mat flooring and fake flowers (because ponies like something pretty to look at too you know!) and I must say I’m thrilled to bits with it. We have spent around £100 fixing the old girl up and have a trailer worth considerably more than we paid for it as a result of 5 days of arm aching, skin burning works. The trailer will be used to transport the little mini shetland of course, but will also be used for large set ups when the black steed van can be filled no more and will also be used to move our belonging to Portugal in too – all in all a good investment, see below for the full reveal!!!!













Slug And Harmony


This is the second picking from the strawberry plants in the last week!! I only have 6 of them but they’re old and the girls always produce us so many strawberries!! There are at least this many again waiting to be ripe. No nets, no killing of slugs or snails and better yet, no standing outside at midnight with a torch picking off pests.

I realised last night things are even more harmonious that I knew, as I went out at 10pm to bring Puck and Torsie the tortoises inside I watched about 30 slugs all heading over the wooden wall to the tortoise garden, I love where the tortoise’s are located because its right next to the veg patch so I get to watch them often and can also throw all the bits that are no good for us over for them to eat, what the torts don’t eat by the time they lazily trundle to their outside bedroom (at around 5pm) the slugs come and eat later, along with a couple of sacrifice favourites I grow for the slugs near the tort garden this keeps them happy and keeps them off the veggies…! No effort required!…everybody gets their fill and everybody gets to LIVE alongside each other taking whatever they need.

In other news we are super busy with work at the moment, the horse trailer is almost finished and Findus the pony is being picked up on Tuesday! It’s all go go go at tipi HQ. more to follow on Monday… Xxx